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For over a decade, the Braun Entervan minivan conversion has meant a new level of personal freedom for thousands of individuals. Its streamlined construction, sporty appearance and sleek automotive styling make the Entervan virtually indistinguishable from other top-of-the-line minivans. But the touch of one button quickly reveals what makes the Entervan special.

When the remote control is activated, the automatic door opens and the ramp unfolds. At the same time, the rear suspension lowers to within inches of the ground to make boarding easy…even in manual chairs. Upon entering you’ll notice the spacious lowered-floor area, which provides ample headroom and plenty of space to maneuver even the largest of scooters or wheelchairs.

The flexible seating options allow you to comfortably drive or ride as a passenger, and the back bench seat offers ample room for friends and family. It’s truly a vehicle unlike any other. There are so many features and benefits that we’ve given the Entervan its very own website.


With Rampvan you are connected to life.
herever you go, Rampvan puts you in the driver's seat, (or if you prefer, the front passenger's seat ). Just press any of the three ramp controls, conveniently located throughout the cabin, and Rampvan lowers to the ground, opens the door, and deploys its reliable, low-angle ram
The new Rampvan InFloor features many preferable qualities over the competition. Not only does the IMS Rampvan InFloor feature a wider ramp it also offers the most interior space in its class. We think you will be more than impressed with it superior design.

Our new Infloor Rampvan has many of the same innovative qualities as the fold out Rampvan but features these superior attributes over the competition.
Greater Ramp Load Capability - IMS reinforced the ramp and passed weight testing of up to 750 lbs.

Outside Switch - One touch of a button lowers the van, opens the door and deploys the ramp.

Manual Release - In the event of a battery failure, the Infloor Rampvan comes with a manual release you can actually use. Simply move the manual release lever, attach the crank handle, and crank out the ramp.

Lower Ramp Angle & Kneeling Mechanism - Rampvan's unique suspension lowers the floor level to about 9" for a friendly ramp incline.

Designed for Any Weather - The IMS Infloor Rampvan has been successfully tested under extreme conditions including deliberately freezing the ramp assembly. Our Infloor powered through the Ice and continued to work flawlessly.

Interchangeable Quick-Release Front Seats - The IMS Rampvan is delivered with seating that can be switched from the driver to passenger location quickly and easily. This allows a wheelchair-bound occupant to move between driving and riding positions with no difficulty.

Widest Ramp Width in the Industry - The Infloor provides a full 30" wide platform to handle wide chairs.

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